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Firestore versus Archos.

fs100.jpgar601v2.jpgRiddle me this, caped crusader…

If I want to capture video direct to hard drive in a pocketable recorder I could pay a lot or a little, then get a little or a lot. So which do I order?


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HD-SDI camcorders under $10,000. What to pick?

anycast.jpgI was called by a regular client today.

They wanted to take their existing show and move it to HD. At the same time, there’s downward pressure from sponsors to get the most advertising bang for limited bucks.

So he needs to produce this multi-camera live show on a budget, and may need to do it over time, so he’s looking to invest in a system whereby he can produce episodes as needed, and then also rent out the gear when it’s not actively needed.

He knows all about HDV, but there’s no HDV live switcher yet (and the video delay with HDV is many frames) so what’s the solution?

Well, there are a few HD-SDI switchers out there that enable him to get a few of the latest prosumer camcorders that offer HD-SDI outputs and switch the show live and then record it to the format of his choice. But what camcorder should he get? … Continue reading ‘HD-SDI camcorders under $10,000. What to pick?’


not SDHC, not P2, not SxS, not MS, but HDV on HDD.

fx1wshadow.pngI’ve been shopping for a new camcorder. Not so much for me, though. IEBA Communications already has an HDTV arsenal that is based around the Sony FX1/Z1u camcorders (pictured here). I’ve been shooting HD with numerous camcorders for corporate and event video work since 2003. I’ve shot 720 and 1080. I’ve shot on flash media, and tape. I’ve recorded to two different external hard drive recorders. I’ve edited this footage and shown it to clients. The problem isn’t with my client’s interest. The problem is turning it around as fast as possible. Specifically- corporate work that requires an entire day’s worth of presentations to be available compressed and streaming… the same day. They can relent and accept SD (but the widescreen HD that I made for them was so very impressive). But no matter what format a camcorder shoots this stuff in it’s not perfect for BOTH places it has to go:

1) in our data pool for possible editing later, 2) on the web for e-learning.

The former loves DV. The latter loves Flash. Those two, disparate solutions don’t exist in one camcorder… Continue reading ‘not SDHC, not P2, not SxS, not MS, but HDV on HDD.’


Our Cinema Treasures. Do you?

devon1.jpgFilms influenced me greatly while growing up. I still remember seeing Rocky from the back of a long, long theatre- a single screen house that had been split into two and the screen was so far away that it was like watching TV. I remember seeing Apollo 13 the week it opened. I got to the theatre late and I had to sit in the third row. The screen was so large that I had to turn my head to see left and right and take the whole image in. Point is, the rooms in which these films played were sometimes as memorable as the films themselves. In my time, I have seen numerous theatres go dark. The Mayfair. The Devon. Sams Place, the SamEric. GCC Northeast 4. The Orleans 8. The Boyd. etc. There is a place on the web where we can treasure these cinema houses. Those that passed, those that still exist, and those that are being reborn. This last aspect is something to cherish in this age of rampant (& crappy) development, and in an age of disposable mass media- where little is worth the electrons that carry it… Continue reading ‘Our Cinema Treasures. Do you?’


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Vimeo goes HD. well, 720 at least.

There’s plenty of video sharing sites, but I have to admit that watching video at 320×240 is crappy. And generally the quality of that video is crappy. And then, when people shoot widescreen video with any nuvimeologo.gifmber of current and many year old camcorders, there’s no way to show that video in its native aspect ratio on most video sharing sites, let alone show it in HD itself. So you get black bars on the top and bottom, wasting what little usable space you have to show your video.

Vimeo has gone ahead and made HD available on their web site. Also, their site is good for those of us who have clients, or family, and we want to share videos, but don’t necessarily want the video as well viewed as a Google or YouTube video. In some cases, privacy counts for more than quality. Well, Vimeo seems to offer both.

Now if they could just add some color to that blasé logo of theirs…

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HD Home Audio Formats Explained.

High Def Digest audlogos.jpghas an amazing rundown of each audio format available on each high-def home video standard- i.e. Blu-ray and HD DVD. Moreover, Joshua Zyber gets into the nitty gritty about the various audio interconnects between the players and other equipment, and how the myriad of audio formats are handled by each interconnect, on each optical standard. Yes, that’s a matrix of 56 different possibilities that Mr. Zyber has organized into a nice, neat article. Continue reading ‘HD Home Audio Formats Explained.’