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In the Tech-STORE… CF Extreme IV!

cfextiv.jpgWe’re working on a comparison review of various Compact Flash technologies for video, now that consumer media can now be used for recording the HDV production standard format (AVCHD doesn’t count, yet).

Sandisk made a serious jump by pushing throughput from 20 MBps to 40MBps with their new Extreme IV cards. For anyone taking delivery of Sony’s new HDV camcorders, click over to the Tech-STORE – to our new MEDIA- page and snap up the latest version of wicked-fast media!

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HD DVD dead. Let’s move on.

jobshd.jpgRemember more than two years ago when Apple CEO, Steve Jobs held the Sony’s HVR-FX1 HDV camcorder up on stage and called it “The year of HD.”

Here we are several years later and, mostly because of the protracted “format war” between HD DVD and Blu-ray, we have been left with almost everyone sitting on the proverbial fence.

The war’s over folks. There’s only one direction to go and it’s been picked for us.  Continue reading ‘HD DVD dead. Let’s move on.’


Multi-touch = ditch the Mouse?

mouse.gifI pined for a 2-button trackpad button for years. PCs have them, plus they have scroll zones. I added software to my PowerBooks to enable scrolling, but it wasn’t until I laid fingers on the MacBooks did I feel how intuitive multi-finger scrolling and clicking can be. I ditched my travel mouse.

Alas, our desktops are still plagued by these pesky rodents.

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ROCK (tech) HARD PLACE. Yea.

bigrock.jpgThe proverbial “between a rock and a hard place” is basically a tough place to be.

I was corresponding with a fellow videographer who works for a government video department. He tried to explain the troubles he faces with regard to new gear purchases. It’s beyond trying to decide between P2 or SxS. It’s beyond tape or flash media. It’s, well, let’s just say it basically covers the last 20 years of video production- every single day.

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Panasonic HMC150. Still wrong.

Panasonic has announced a new addition to its “pro” AVCHD hmc150lead.jpgproduct line that continues to use the design of its popular DV-based AG-DVX100.

The new AG-HMC150 handheld is scheduled for shipment later this year. It joins the on-shoulder HMC70 as one of the two new versions of the same HSC1U AVCHD camcorder that Panasonic released last year. I reviewed the HSC1U camcorder in August of 2007. Does this new camcorder fix the most important limitation of Panasonic’s AVCHD camcorders? Lets find out…

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SDI is not composite video.

bnc-plug.jpgAs an amateur radio operator, I’ve learned first-hand how the type of cable used to connect the antenna to the radio makes a huge difference to how well things work.

So I am continually surprised when video ops plug whatever cable they have on hand onto whatever BNC jack that needs it. There’s a lot to consider here as our productions move to HD-SDI. Continue reading ‘SDI is not composite video.’


The Tech-Store is Open.

store2.jpgCan you get a filtered matte box for your camcorder for under $500?
Yes. You can. Two of them in fact.

We’ve combed through the internet clutter and partnered with to build you a very simple store with links to the video gear you should be looking at. It’s not filled with junk. These are carefully selected items we think can help your productions- including a matte box with two filter holders for just $240.

The link is up in the right corner of the page: Tech-STORE. Check it out!