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Cell Phone Security- is NOT!

inbox.gifAs I mentioned back in December, your life on a cell phone is not as secure as we would like it to be.

A recent iPhone Atlas article, that TUAW reported, and Engadget noted, tells of iPhone guru and author Zdziarski clearly demonstrated how difficult it is to truly erase your data, even when you want to, let alone, if your phone just gets misplaced or stolen. Continue reading ‘Cell Phone Security- is NOT!’


P2 is the MOST SECURE…

16gp2.jpgIt really bothers me when corporate marketing drones get so caught up in their own chest-thumping that they fail to recognize the hypocrisy of the stuff spewing out of their mouths.

For example, this is a quote by a Panny rep on a video mailing list:

P2 is reusable thousands of times
and is the must secure form of digital storage on the planet.

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