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ProRes – defined.

picture-14.pngGary Adcock has an excellent overview of Apple’s ProRes codec over at the Pro Video Coalition site.

Not only does he discuss concatenation tests where he runs the same clip through compression and re-compression some 10 or 100 times, he also uncovers a bit of interesting results about how the higher-compression ProRes is actually easier to work with than ProRes(HQ).  Continue reading ‘ProRes – defined.’


Apple Delivers. Or maybe not.

hearno.jpgToday, Apple has again demonstrated their incomparable ability to not listen to their customers– the customers that purchase their computing products.

Today was the day, for all those who have been clamoring for years for more choice and for more options in the number of desktop products, Today was the day that Apple delivered not one, but two models. Not new but the same models they already had, and have had for more than four long years. (equivalent to 20 human years)

Many expected, hoped, pleaded that Apple would finally add a mid-size machine into the center of their computer product line.  Continue reading ‘Apple Delivers. Or maybe not.’