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Flash Media and the Demise of the Deck

pan32gbsdhc.gifEven though professional and prosumer camcorder prices haven’t substantially changed over the years, the quality of the footage, and the features you have at your fingertips, have increased dramatically since the era of plumbicon tubes and 3/4″ tape. One the most revolutionary changes is the most recent one: the arrival of compact flash storage in mainstream HD video acquisition. Continue reading ‘Flash Media and the Demise of the Deck’


The Foundry offers fix for CMOS “Rolling Shutter”

rolshutfix.jpgAfter seeing their corrected footage, I have to say, wow.

Not only does it seem to properly recognize the distortion and correct it, it lets you calibrate it for specific cameras, and it doesn’t correct the whole image, just what moves- so an object moving in the frame (like the bus) is fixed while the street poles are left alone (which a “global adjustment” would distort.)

Hey camera manufacturers… there’s code that solves the problem.
Now you can fix it in the camera and save us the headache of having to process all our footage after the fact.

Very convincing video demo after the break. Continue reading ‘The Foundry offers fix for CMOS “Rolling Shutter”’


Netbooks = Deja vú all over again?

cv1n.gif51lr5arrfjl_sl210_.jpgI have recently joined the Netbook clan, adding an Asus Eee 1000HE to my portable arsenal. I love the little bugger. The multi-touch trackpad, nice screen, built in SD card slot, built-in webcam, honkin’ big battery life and hard drive space… all for cheap-cheap make this baby a winner in my book.
But why does this all seem eerily familiar?

It’s because this Mac-aficionado had already owned the Sony C1VN, a miraculous feast of engineering from Sony— a decade ago! Continue reading ‘Netbooks = Deja vú all over again?’


Video Pro’s & web sites.

typewriter_1_sm.gifI’ve noticed an interesting dichotomy.

Pros that have been around a while have web 1.0 web sites. Those just coming out of college have access to the latest tools and, well, a lot more time on their hands, so they have some spiffy web 2.0 websites, but nothing to really promote. Makes you think that the old hands ought to hire the young guns to revamp the web site! Here’s what I did… Continue reading ‘Video Pro’s & web sites.’


Confusing Bogen & Manfrotto part numbers – solved.

bogenmanbug.gifAlmost everyone has a piece or two of some Bogen or Manfrotto gear. It’s decently built stuff with an affordable price tag. The problem is that 3-digit Manfrotto numbers are now being used for products which used to have Bogen 4-digit numbers. This can cause a lot of confusion when you need to order a new part, or a few additional matching pieces. Well, has a nice conversion chart that seems pretty comprehensive, though perhaps a bit dated. If that page vanishes, I’ve copied it as a pdf on my IEBA web site.