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Do Effects? Check out FXguide!

picture-1.pngIf you love visual effects, SciFi, etc. And especially if you are in the business of making visual effects, then you need to be sure FXguide is on your regular reading list.

I’ve been subscribing to the FXguideTV podcasts for a while and I think they are some of the best produced, and FREE, industry-related podcasts I’ve found.You can even see them in full-on 1080 HD as opposed to an SD feed or just 720. 

If you have others you’d like to recommend, leave them in the comments!


Preview: NEXTO DI’s NVS2500 portable media storage.

picture-8.png The big buzz surrounding the NVS2500 is all about three features built into this diminutive, battery operated media storage device:

  • the fast SxS transfer to internal hard drive
  • the ability to play back professional codecs like XDCAM EX
  • the eSATA slot for fast transfer to a computer

I’ve performed some preliminary tests and have some numbers to report. Continue reading ‘Preview: NEXTO DI’s NVS2500 portable media storage.’


A hard drive for mobile video pros.

adatash93_b.jpgI’ve been working a lot of shoots using flash media and one of the key functions of the “media wrangler” is to dump the flash media to a hard drive (or two) while the shoot continues. Those hard drives are in the field, often connected ot a laptop, and taken from location to location. So drives that are designed for a bit of “handling” are good assets to have.

So then A-Data’s new ruggedized hard drives should be something you look at. It’s not just covered with a bit of rummer (like some other “rugged” hard drives) but it’s mil-spec tested for drop, and even underwater for 30 minutes. Continue reading ‘A hard drive for mobile video pros.’